November 14th, 2008


Today, nice_cup_of_tea ...

14:26 is drinking horrible work coffee in a desperate bid to stay awake #

17:52 is finishing doing a very quick vacuum of the flat, the dust bunnies have been banished! #

18:14 is waiting for the acupuncturist #

22:33 is waiting for her last load of laundry to finish, before she can go to bed #

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Friday Bug

Originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea
Saw this graffiti bug on my way home from work and it made me smile :-)

I have tried really hard to get into work late this week (08.30) and to leave early (5ish) and I have managed it - am still quite tired and feeling quite heavy. Hoping that I can chill at the weekend and tank up on energy.....