November 11th, 2008

Helen smiling in rain

The meaning of life...

... is a life of meaning

I had a few inspirational chats with friends today, which made me realise that we create our own purpose in life :-)

My boss and I had lunch today with one of our external speakers/trainers. She told us about the charity that she supports and we had a really interesting discussion on charity, sponsorship and oversea development. Plus ultimately - to what end do we work? My boss and I then carried on the discussion back into the office. A really life enriching dialogue and I hope that this trainer is someone I will get to know better.

This evening I met my friend Jill for quick prosecco or two at Bar Münz - just behind her office. And as usual we discussed work, pwg and life in general. I decided in principle that I would continue with PWG after our term ends in March, but that I need to develop a leadership role, rather than an operational role. In the same vein we talked about my work and I realised that I need to become more strategic, ask my boss the right questions, suspend my belief and take a few risks. I need to be okay with the discomfort through the transition phase :-)