October 22nd, 2008


The glamorous life of a trainer

2008_10_22 Lunch time
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Today, contrary to popular advice, I did eat alone... I needed some time and space. And a decaff coffee in Starbucks seemed a reasonable way to esapce the office.

As I have said before, I love my job (well okay, most of the time). But today is proof that working in learning and development is not a glamorous occupation.

Today I
- got tram to the uetlihof, hauling 2 large boxes
- went to the printing centre and borrowed a huge trolley
- packed 200 hand books in to boxes
- lugged them onto trolley and went back into the bowels of the building to deliver them to the printing centre to send back to my office
- Back in my office I went to the cellar and dismantled 100 folders, throwing away paper into massive container
- Wheeled said massive container back to collection point
- borrowed small trolley from despatching centre
- went back to cellar, packed up empty folders into boxes
- Took boxes to internal post office to send back to printing centre in Uetlihof
- Got back to desk to receive all the boxes of Microsoft handbooks (see 3rd bullet point)
- Unpacked boxes
- Collapsed in sweaty heap!