September 29th, 2008


Manic Monday

Today was manic, but I achieved a lot!

I ran a cultural training session this evening for a very international team and it was great - I was really proud of myself :-)

I learnt that when I know a subject, I can run a session and do not need to be prepared down to the last full stop. The group had some really interesting conversations about cultural differences and I moderated it well.

On the addiction front, over the weekend
- I slipped up and had 2 small cups of coffee (one on Fri, one on Sat)
- but since then I have had no caffeine, so that's a week without tea or coffee
- I will have to change my login name :-)
- I had some alcohol (one glass of wine on Fri, one g+t and one glass of wine on Sat, 2 glasses of wine on Sun), but none before or since