September 9th, 2008


Only Tuesday?

A busy old day, but good. It was beautiful and crisp this morning, really smelt like autumn. My train journey this morning took me along the lake at about 7am and it was just beautiful, pale and misty. It did feel good to be alive and the training centre at Bocken in Horgen, high above the lake, makes you feel as though you are in the midst of the country on holiday, even though you can hear the distant roar of the Autobahn!

Anyway, my training started well and I then headed back into Zurich, stopping at Sihlcity to buy flowers for a colleague who has really been supporting me the last week or so. Had a long, but productive meeting this afternoon planning the role specific training for a new competence centre in Poland. Then rushed to an update meeting for the women's networking group, before going to the Diversity and inclusion meeting in town. I like being part of this initiative. It is not only a great networking opportunity, in the sense of meeting people from the Bank, that you would never otherwise meet. But they are really interesting people! Tomorrow, the Open Networking group (LBGT) has their first meeting, hope it goes well for them. That really is courage, to led such a group and to come out and be part of it in such a way.

Oh and I learnt the following new acronym, try these out at work...
CLM - Career limiting move
LO - Leadership Opportunity
LBM - Lightbulb moment

A good day, full of variety and interesting, creative challenges. I like days like these...


Dark Knight

Mr.ncot and I went to see The Dark Knight yesterday evening - his choice, not mine. I really hate to admit it, but I really enjoyed it :-) I found it quite a physical, violent film, but you get a real sense of Batman as human, damaged, real. Heath Ledger was brilliant and terrorfying as the Joker, although his lisp began to really annoy me. Anyway, the moral of the film was, we get the heroes we deserve. Oh, and Michael Caine was brilliant!

And here's and the spoof on youtube!