July 6th, 2008


Welcome to the world Jamie Christoph!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie, first child of Kerry and Ross. Kerry is a great friend and we have been supporting each other in our respective pregnancy (or trying to get pregnant) journeys...

Whilst I was there he stopped screaming and slept... It was lovely to see Kerry looking so well and happy.

Also this week, welcome to the world, Dododumpling's son Max Arthur

And see below for the current tally of babies in my life :-)

Drew born 1.12.2007
Amelia Downes - 9.2.8
Rebecca Jane Turner - 2.4.8
Frauke's baby - 10.5.8 Jannes
Jenn's baby - 02.02.08, Holly Elizabeth
Kerry's baby - 26.06.08 Jamie Christoph
Dododumpling's baby - 01.07.08 Max Arthur
Milena's baby end July - Stella, born 17.07.08
Hanna's son, Léon Marlon - born 10.8.08
Sal's baby due September - Ish, born 08.09.08
Yokospungeon's baby, Lily, born ??


Resolutions Update - June

Resolution Update June

Watch alcohol intake
Still more room to improve here...

Practice yoga once a week
Still haven't gone to yoga, still haven't made a decision - will try better in the second half of the year...

Walk 10,000 steps a day
In spite of losing my fitbug, this goal is still doing well. Will continue to log steps and weight lost..

Blog daily
Yep - still haven't missed a single day :-)

Doing well in some areas. This month I will focus on getting to yoga twice.