May 4th, 2008


Slobby Sunday

Today I am slouching round the house, even though it's beautiful weather outside, doing a virtual clean up - money, flickr, lj entries, emails, etc

And I am having fun playing with my new iPod speakers which I bought in duty free on the way home on Thursday. I even have a remote control, so that I can operate it without moving from my bed.

And yes, I am still listening to Madness. I met a (swiss) friend yesterday, who had never heard of Madness. And then I made the mistake of trying to explain how people dance to Madness - particularly men, especially drunk men, and above all, drunk men at parties.... She didn't get it - is this just a british thing??

And in other news. mr.ncot has been away nearly 3 days now. I thought I would be (slightly) pining, but actually, I am really enjoying having the flat to myself, so there!

UK Trip Round Up