April 21st, 2008

Helen smiling in rain

Mr. Ncot's "Say No / Be Nice to Self " Challenge

Rainy reflections - Sportanlage Sihlhölzli taken in the rain - I got soaked walking home.

Mr.ncot set me a challenge for this week. Every day, without fail, I must do 2 things.

1. Say no to a request
2. Doing something nice for myself

Today, dear readers, I have failed miserable on the first part. I said yes to a whole stream of things.

Would I book the pc training room? Yes
Could I answer some questions? Yes
Did I have time to discuss the english in some pp slides? Yes
Would I check a document? Yes
Would I like a coffee? Yes (okay, that one was okay...)
Could my boss just interrupt me? Yes
Would I .... Could I....

You get the picture. In fact, I can seriously not bring to mind any instances of saying no to something or somebody. I have some serious work to do on saying no!

However, on being nice to myself - have just bought some nacho chips and a bottle of wine from corner shop (healthy diet, what! No, will eat properly and not drink the whole bottle!!) and am just off to soak in a nice bath. So life isn't so bad.

I challenge all of my lj friends to take up this challenge and report back every day .-)

Remember - Just Say No!
followed by - Be nice to self :-)