March 30th, 2008


Filing Queen!

2008_03_31 Stripy filing
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I have spent ALL weekend sorting out the filing cabinet, which has been an entry on my to do list for at least 6 months...

I am a very strange girl, but I really enjoyed it. Shredded paper like a maniac, nearly broke the shredder (it was smelling rather hot at one point), labelled, colour coded, cleared, and drove mr.ncot nearly half crazy .-) He doesn't "get" my strange filing and organing urges.

But hey, now I am happy and my head feels really clear. Does that make sense? It must be to do with spring and the clocks leaping forward!

Just off to reward myself with a hot, bubbly bath and a tot of whisky :-) More photos here



... is what you get, when you don't get what you want.

I heard this quote on a youtube video, the "Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch.

It is worth watching. This guy is a University Lecturer, with a few months to live, whose "last lecture" was about how to achieve your childhood dreams.

Very funny, very inspiring, very sad.

Little Miss Sunshine

"A very good American Film", says mr.ncot and this is high praise indeed, since he normally spurns any film out of Hollywood!

Little Miss Sunshine is a quirky, funny, sad, laugh out loud film. About families, growing up, achieving your dreams, or not... Mark Kermode (curmegeondly but brilliant BBC film reviewer) gives it a mixed review (forward clip to 01:26:39), calling it a "strange, little widget of a movie" - his main contention being that it needs to be more harsh about the main subject - the whole beauty paegant thing. But he does admit that there are individually good things about it...

I think it is just a wonderful film - go rent it :-)