February 23rd, 2008


Saturdays Done List!

I am pooped!
* Kitchen cleaned
* Recycling done
* Dry cleaning collected
* Bathroom cleaned
* Hall vacuumed
* Living room cleaned
* 5 lots of washing done
* Presents bought and sent for my friend Sharon's new baby, Amelia
* 2 new sports bras and running tops bought :-)
* PWG website - front page - updated www.professionalwomensgroup.com

I still have the ironing, pwg work and various other sundries to do, but I think that can all wait for tomorrow :-) I didn't make either of my step totals today, but just can't be bothered to go out again and walk any more!

This evening A. and I will be slumping on the sofa, watching This is England, which just won Best British Film 2008 at the BAFTAs.

Today's snapshot was taken on my walk home and is the theater on the Sihl river, based in part of the old military riding stables. And yes, it really is that orange!