February 10th, 2008


Is anyone out there?

I need someone to "talk to" - ie email. Let me know... Thanks

PS I should say, that I'm probably just feeling very sorry for myself, but at the moment I feel very low and would appreciate somê support....

Sunday morning and the world is a little less bleak

Many thanks to everyone who replied to my last post. Writing the post late last night seemed to be enough to stop me crying and to get me into bed and maybe subconciously I knew that my friends cared, which meant I could get to sleep. I have emailed everyone offline, thanks again for your concern. I don't ask for help very often...

The pain is more manageable this morning and I will go for a gentle walk later. In the meantime I am sitting in bed creating a playlist and Cd. See next post. Why is it that music is such a healer?