February 9th, 2008


February: Habits

Tell us about your habits, good, bad, harmless, quirky. List'em out, write'em up and tell us about new ones you'd like to start, or some you'd like to quit.

Good Habits
reading at every opportunity
regular blogging
walking to work
getting to inbox zero
making the bed
contact friends
hugging mr.ncot
phoning family
punctuality at work
making lists :-)
taking a snapshot a day
being grateful
running once a week
swimming once a week
tracking our finances regularly

Bad Habits
drinking bucketsloads of tea
being late for work
being late or slightly late for friends
worrying without purpose
leaving kitchen stuff on the side for the kitchen fairies
not loading or unloading the dishwasher (see point above!)
gettting distracted doing one job and starting 10 others
power procrastination
moaning and whinging
cleaning teeth whilst wandering round flat

New Habits
buying fresh flowers once a week
practice yoga regularly
drink more water
be more patient
cook more regularly
clean flat more consistently
cut down on caffeine
cut down on alcohol

I love my virtual life!

I love my virtual life...

I like that fact that I can combine my personal webpage, blog, flickr etc to create a rounded account of who I am. And that I can determine my authentic voice on the internet. I like that fact that I can communicate in the virtual world and that I have webs of friends, that I may never meet :-) (yes, that means you, if you're reading this!)

I like that fact that I have enough html knowledge to maintain my personal webpage. I am excited about how I can use virtual methods and with social theories of learning at work. I love the fact that I learn so much via podcasts.

Yes, I am a geek and gadget girl, but I am out and I am proud :-)
Long Live Technology and the Internet!

And just as a reminder, you can find me online @