February 8th, 2008


Gut gelaunt / In a good mood for a change!

Lost and found!
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Today I am actually in a remarkably good mood - perhaps because it's Friday, but maybe because of walking into work! I am beginning to feel really good with all the walking. Today the weather is beautiful here in Zürich, crisp, cold but beautiful winter blue sky. And as I walk I am becoming much more aware of my surroundings. A win win situation I think.

Plus, I found my fitbug! Step counting will commence again :-)
blue wave

Swimming update

Swam again tonight and got on much better. Decided that it was pointless to run before I could walk, so alternated 50m lengths of crawl with breast stroke. My swimming colleague at work had given me some technique hints (the thumb of your back hand should touch your thigh) which helped and I managed to swim pretty much continuously for half an hour and I did 18 LENGTHS!