February 7th, 2008


Morgenmuffel / I'm not a morning person!

2008_02_07 Morgenmuffel
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Did I say I don't like Mornings? This is a lesson in how to look ROUGH

And yes, this is how my hair normally looks - The straight version comes at a cost, products and straightening torture instruments

Mr.ncot thinks that I look like a criminal, arrested on the (then) East German border, trying to escape to the West. What do you think? Answers on a postcard please...

And today was a pretty bad morning. Overslept. Texted boss to say I'd be late. Left house, then 3 minutes down the road remembered that I'd forgotten my sports kits.

Returned home, picked up sports kit. Left home again.

2 minutes down the road, remembered I'd forgotten shower gel and towel. Returned home, picked up said articles and finally got into work at 9.

Which sounds good by UK standards, but to put this into a swiss context, this is like turning up to work just in time for the lunch break!

The day did get better, but only just! But then at the end of the day I realised I had lost my fitbug (pedometer) which will cost £30 to replace :-(