February 4th, 2008


A post full of odds and ends, and good news!

Where to start? Today in no particular order:

My oldest mate Caro ("long lost kangaroo") checked in from Sydney, to tell me that she's coming to stay for the weekend in two weeks time! Hurrah, I cannot tell you how excited I am about this... She's the one behind me, doing the "rabbit ears" :-)

I learnt to delegate at work! I'm running a 2 hour lunch session on Wednesday about Poland and have managed to get everyone else to do the work!

I finally went swimming. < coughs>I have some work to do before the triathlon< /coughs>
I managed to swim for half an hour and did 13 lengths - but they were 50m ones. The pool is packed and it was really hard to find the right speed. I tried to front crawl the whole time, but kept having to stop and change to breast stroke. And now I am knackered! But i have bought a 12-swim pass and if I swim twice a week, I will certainly be fitter in 6 weeks time!

Oh, and I signed up for the yoga weekend at the end of May!

Today's snapshot of colourful pen's was inspired by Beebarf's decluttering post!