January 27th, 2008


Jetlag and Job Satisfaction

I am home again! I managed to sleep on the flight, but then made the mistake of going to bed when I got home and sleeping until 2. So now I feel pants and am still in my pyjamas! I need to be in work tomorrow for an important handover meeting, but will try to leave early.

When the plane landed today, the captain made a speech. It was his final flight over a career of 35 years. He talked about his passion for flight and how if he couldn't fly, he should just take the battery out of his body, because life would have less meaining. He talked about flying over mountains and oceans and how he was proud to have served all of his passengers. It was very emotional and I have to say I had a little tear in my eye. And I realised then that without job satisfaction, life has less value. We need to know who we serve by our jobs and why. And I remembered my cousin Michael, who was a passionate pilot, who loved his job with all his soul too :-)