January 4th, 2008


Thailand November 2007

Thailand November 2007
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The update is very late, but here are the photographic highlights of our two weeks in Thailand in October-November 2007! It was wonderful and feels like an age ago now...

From top left, clockwise (ending in middle)
mr.ncot taking it easy!
Beach at Phuket
Harbour at Phuket
Warrior Statue, Bankok
more orchids
Chaotic Bangkok, night time traffic
Recling Buddha in a Bangkok temple
Buddha Mural in Royal Palace
Elephant mural from Chang Rai temple
Elephant ride
Centre - Phuket Spa Hotel

More photos


2007 The Year in Pictures

2007 The Year in Pictures
from top left, left to right
Jan: Sunday Lunch with friends
Feb: Spring cleaning - bye books!
Mar (1): Business trip to Raleigh USA, with Eric
Mar (2): Came home and broke my wrist

April: Blöögg burning at the Säächselüüte festival
May: Birthday trip to Ascona, italian Switzerland
July (1): The first 21 employees in Wroclaw
July (2): Team work in Poland

Aug (1): Weekend with Connors in Annecy, France
Aug (2): A day on Jungfrauhoch
Oct: Thailand holiday - Reclining Buddha, Bangkok
Nov: Thailand holiday - Phuket beach

Dec (1): Joyful arrival of nephew - James Andrew Palmer
Dec (2): Promotion at work!
Stars of the year: Chris and Jenn for being proud parents of Drew
Cheers - Wishing you all much health and happiness in 2008!

Time is running backwards! December Roundup

Whilst I am determined to catch up on all my posts before going back to work next Monday, I am aware that it's a bit disconcerting to be back in December 2007 - so sorry!

Anyway, here are my December snapshots...

And the highlights? Other than baby drew? (More photos of him here, by the way!)

Last business trip to Wroclaw and giving some especially good but challenging trainings.

Finally saying goodbye to my old Olympus digital (which I've had 4.5 years) and getting a new one, with video plus sound! Needed for taking baby photos and videos :-)

Getting a promotion at work, to AVP (assistant vice president) which actually just means that I now have the legal power to sign things for the company and am part of "middle management", whatever that means. More work, but no extra money I suspect! The flower was part of a beautiful bouquet I was given - More photos here

Introducing the iPod Palmer Family - from left to right:

BabyBob, my present to Alan - the original Bob the iPod, and BigBob, Alan's present to me....


The Aunty code

Drew, Helen and Kate
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We are your Aunties and this is our code:
we will always love you
spoil you
cuddle you
occasionally change a nappy
but will hand you back at the end of the day!

I felt so much better after meeting Drew, I had been really worried about how I would feel. Bizarre I know, but we can't always control our emotions and our innermost fears.

Drew is now *tagged*, all his photos are here :-)
tea break

Nice cup of Chai !

So I saw my accupuncturist today (sounds like the start of a joke, I know!) and she was slightly alarmed at the amount of tea I drink. I couldn't actually admit to the true figure of mugs of tea that I get through a day :-(. I know that most of the time it is pure habit that makes me put the kettle won. Anyway, while I don't have to go completely cold turkey, she strongly advised drinking less. But I have to say I have just discovered chai, and very nice (and cinnamony) it is too :-)

And whilst we're on the theme, this was a cup of tea I had in Thailand - very sweet and very orange...

And here's the snapshot for the day...