January 1st, 2008


2008 Resolutions

My last book read in 2007 was The war of Art: Steven Pressfield, which has helped me to rethink my resolutions for 2008.

I partly met my 2007 resolutions, but this year I have clearer goals which I will reflect on and regularly write about!

2008 Resolutions (which will lead to goals below)
Give up alcohol (except on planned social occasions)
Practice yoga once a week
Walk 10,000 steps a day (using www.fitbug.com)
Blog daily (I am nicecupoftea on www.blog365.com)

2008 Goals
Lose weight - get to 10 stone
Positively act to start a family

Resistance and how to beat it!
- What elicits resistance?
Any act that rejects immediate gratification in favour of long term growth, health or integrity
- When we are paralysed by fear, that is a sign of resistance. Fear tells us what we have to do
- Resistance stops us from starting
- Procrastination becomes a habit, we put off our lives until our death bed
- "This very moment, we can change our lives"
- "This very second, we can turn the tables on resistance. This second, we can sit down and work."

I need to recognise and fight my own RESISTANCE.

How does my resistance show up?
- in my unceasing pessism - I deal with change and new challenges by always starting from the worst possible outcome
- In my procrastination, fear of starting
- In my using alcohol to dull my stress and overwork

How can I beat my resistance?
- Taking responsibility for my thinking and choosing a more realistic, optimistic viewpoint - and by cancelling my negative thinking
- not using alcohol to self medicate ie as a stress reliever
- Choosing to start small, but to continue consistently

How do I keep sane?
- Write regularly / blog daily (mental relief)
- walk daily (physical and mental relief)

Books read in 2007