October 6th, 2007


The week in pictures

The week in pictures
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Here's the last week and a half in pictures!

3 Oct: Folder for the PM course
27 Sept: Paradeplatz @ night
5 Oct: The CS football tram
1 Oct: Happy Birthday Allrevedup!
2 Oct: Chalk Hearts on the pavement
26 Sept: Zurich old town @ night
28 Sept: Zurich Rathaus @ night
25 Sept: Orange and blue poster
4 Oct: Sihl City Water
stripy horizontal

The tale of the travelling scarf

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful stripy scarf:

This scarf had been knitted and loved by a flickr and ljer called Elhamisabel and she loved the stripy scarf:

But nonetheless she packaged it up and sent it to nice_cup_of_tea, a stripey freak, who was having a bit of miserable time. And the stripy scarf travelled merrily from Germany to Switzerland:

And nice_cup_of_tea loved her scarf mightily!