September 30th, 2007

stripy horizontal

Stripy horizontal

Stripy horizontal
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Found this postcard from my sister on my noticeboard and decided that a scan (I love my Dell 946 gadget!) is as good as a snapshot! Decided it would make a good stripy user icon. I also created a user pic to remind me of summer, as well as one for the coming autumn! Oh, and one for my film posts... and another one of the Connor girls!

All My User Pics Here!

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments yesterday - I am feeling much better today, but am trying to take it slowly. Still feeling a bit achey.

My updated list of favourite websites - enjoy!

Links to my favourite websites!
Here's my updated list of favourite websites :-) Happy Surfing!

Find me online @
livejournal (my blog)
flickr (my photos)
bookcrossing (my virtual bookshelf)
43things (my list of things to do)

I work as a Learning and Development Specialist in the Business School at Credit Suisse
I am the Communications Chairwoman for PWG, the Professional Womens Group of Zurich
I practice yoga at Yoga Nation and attend Zurich City Book Club & Zurich Buchklub

Getting Organised
Getting Things Done

Useful tools
Currency converter from the Financial Times
world clock

The Guardian
Harvard Business Review
The Economist
Radio 4
Amazon and my Amazon wishlist!

In 2006 I graduated with distinction in the Masters degree in Training and Performance Management at the Centre for Labour Market Studies at Leicester University.
I studied knowledge management, national systems of education and training (UK Department of Education and Skills), business and management issues as well as considering the future of work.
Other useful websites included: Parliament Online, UKOnline and National Statistics Online.

Want to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days? Visit NaNoWriMo!
Want to sort your life out? Make your list at Here's mine!
What's the time? check out this funky handwritten clock
Get your daily fix of Dilbert
Language, Laughter, literature -
The Imagination Prompt Generator - perfect for writing and blogging!
Want to discover your ideal job? Click here!
Need some serious stress relief? Get popping with this virtual bubble wrap.
Watch the original hamster dance.
Want to insult someone? Use the Shakespearean insult generator