September 3rd, 2007


Mental Defrag

Last week on Wednesday I spent almost the whole day sorting through the paperwork files in my desk and re-organising my email system. It was one of those tasks that you start almost absent-mindedly - and then before you realise it your desk has exploded out onto the floor, and there's no option but to keep going and clear up!

My pending emails are now colour-coded using the flag system. I threw out as much as I could. I culled. I was ruthless. And then I went home and did it all over again. But I have to say I felt SO much better for it and I even slept much better. How strange is that?

Away from the madding crowd

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Another mountain to walk down, this time with my mentor and friend J. We spent a night in Interlaken on August 14th, and then on the 14th took a series of trains up the Jungfrauhoch to Kleine Scheidegg. We then walked down the mountain. The weather was gorgeous and the mountain absolutely stunning. The photo doesn't really do it justice, but I guess it wasn't too bad for a camera phone. And on the way we down we talked and continued to put the world to rights :-)

Who am I kidding?

Who am i kidding!
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Do I think that by drawing cute balloons, my to do list will seem shorter and more manageable?

Probably not, but I do like being a bit creative with my flipchart! I had a slower week last week, but then realised on Friday that there were a lot of tasks I hadn't got done - so went into work yesterday.

I quite like being in the office on a Sunday. I did a few hours in the afternoon. The office is deserted and I get time to think!

At least now I have got control of all my projects. I am down to just 50 flagged emails to follow up. My boss had lots of emails updating him to the status of things.

I also have a voluntary role as Communications Chairwoman of the Professional Womens Group of Zurich. And my list of tasks there is also in order.

So this leaves the way free for me to sign off for a week. I go into hospital for a necessary op. tomorrow. Women's stuff. I have been signed off sick for a week, so am hoping that I will be able to recover and rest, before throwing myself back into the fray next Tuesday!