July 7th, 2007

palmer's tea

How to make a nice (Ostfriesland) cup of tea

To celebrate my nice new user pic (Photo of very fab tea caddy which I got from my brother for my birthday!) - here we learn how to make an ostfriesen (north German) cup of tea...

Click here for photos from my trip to Aurich (north Germany) at the end of May

1. Take Ostfriesen tea and klutjes (sugar lumps)
2. Put sugar lump in cup
3. Pour in hot tea and hear the sugar lump crackle
4. Slowly pour in cream and see the Wolkjes (clouds) form
5. Waiting...
6. Stir and enjoy

Preparing for Poland!

Preparing for poland
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This was the state of my desk yesterday afternoon! My nickname at work is now "Polish Palmer". The Poland project is just ready for lift-off. I fly out this afternoon (should be packing, but am frantically blogging, priorities Helen!) and will be there for 2 weeks.

I have a mix of feelings. I have been working flat out, feeling exhausted and on Tuesday had a bit of mini meltdown. Now I just feel relieved that the preparations are over and that for better or for worse the trainings will start on Monday.

25 Polish employees.
4 trainers.
2 hotel rooms.
Wish me luck :-)

Wroclaw here I come! I will try and blog daily reports from the front line:-)



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How much luggage? And a bit over the weight limit at 34 kg, but I managed to talk my way out of a surchage with the nice Swiss Lady :-) So I am finally packed, checked in through customs, done shopping and waiting to go the gate.

Now that all the preparations are done, I feel quite excited about my 2 weeks in Poland. I have packed plenty of reading books, the ipod is full of podcasts and music, I have a new cross stich project and my running kit with me!

I hope that life will now calm down a little bit, so that I can enjoy the fruits of my labours!