May 18th, 2007


Getting back into yoga

Today was a bank holiday in Switzerland and I have had a really relaxing day off :-)

It started with a one-to-one yoga lesson with Jeff at Yoganation, which was definitely worth the cost. I haven't been to yoga since before Christmas. Life and work has really got in the way. I was a bit wary of going back to a class, before knowing whether the wrist would hold out.

Jeff taught me a few adaptations for certain poses and this should help build the muscles in the forearm, which will also help the wrist heal. I had a really good lesson and felt very inspired, even when walking home in the drizzling rain. I like his style of yoga and his way of teaching. He is very precise and I can feel that I would get an excellent foundational knowledge of poses and alignment and techniques.

I have another private lesson booked for Sunday morning, then will start going to his beginner classes once or twice a week (Thursday evening and Sunday evening). I think I have to commit to yoga and build some space and balance into my life to accommodate it. It is a good antedote to my mad work schedule.

Running & walking | 39 min (5.61K)

In the midst of the busyness of my friday, I managed to escape and go for a run. I couldn't quite get into my stride today and had 3 or 4 walking sections, but I actually feel okay about that. I was moving, my heart and my legs were working hard and it felt good to be out in the fresh air.

Not Tony's cup of tea

I'm with Tony on this one. Well actually I'm not. Well okay I am. He claims you can't get a good cup of tea in Britain now (I can't comment on that), but then goes onto say

"I drink coffee when I'm in mainland Europe," he said, "because they just can't make a cup of tea."

I TOTALLY agree with him on that one. When out and about in Switzerland I always drink coffee for 3 reasons:
1. You can't buy tea in pot
2. Black tea gets served with CREAM
3. And if you ask for milk, it gets served to you hot

Nuff said.