April 24th, 2007


Normal service has been resumed...

My cast is gone and a rather wrinkly, skinny left arm is born! Typing is now a little bit easier, but the wrist itself is rather sore and very stiff :-) But the doctor today was pleased with the way it has healed and doesn't think I should need physio, but let's wait and see!

Things I am looking forward to:
* having a 2-armed bath!
* being able to snuggle up to mr.ncot at night without knocking him for six with the cast
* updating my livejournal and putting up snapshots for April
* my (delayed) trip to Bristol/London this weekend
* going to ascona for my birthday weekend the weekend after next (the hotel has a pool, can't wait to go swimming!)

Oh, and I have finally got my laptop fully functioning and synching with all my gadgets and I can also print, although we haven't worked out how to network the laser printer yet!