April 11th, 2007

helen and alan cropped

"Those were the days" Meme

What we want to see is a photo, either your wedding photo, or a photo taken at your wedding, or, for those not married, a photo taken when (or near the time) you met your significant other. (Taken from tiggsybabes)

Now, copy this (no, not my photo, just the words) and post it with your photo in your own LJ so all your friends can see what you looked like back then (even if back then wasn't all that long ago). Then your friends can post theirs so you can see! Have fun!

13 Days to go and counting !

Just got plaster cast no.4 today, as the last one got too loose, which makes the wrist ache more :-/

Sorry that I've not been writing or commenting much, but it is just too much effort one-handed!

Life is okay, Spring has sprung here in Zurich and I will be back in full force in 2 weeks time :-)

In the meantime I will put up some snapshots for April....