April 1st, 2007


A grumpy old week which got better

Snapshots March
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1. 2007_03_26 Water Drops, 2. 2007_03_27 Shadow Girl, 3. 2007_03_28 Easter Sprüngli Stripes, 4. 2007_03_29 Doorway to training!, 5. 2007_03_30 Office Companion, 6. 2007_03_31 Stripy luggage tag, 7. 2007_04_01 Breakfast Prescription

This week has been a bit up and down :-(
Mostly down it has to be said, I have been grumpy, frustrated and feeling pretty sorry for myself!

Mon: Had another set of xrays and the hospital confirmed that I need the cast on for another 5 weeks. Dr said I should be doing 80%

Tues & Weds: Tried to take 2 half days without success, work just too busy, also get a cold

Thurs: Cultural awareness training all day at work, completely wiped out by the evening, Tried to do some housework in the evening, made wrist worse, sat on sofa and cried, mr.ncot returns home & says I'm "stubborn* and *too proud to accept help*

Fri: Very grumpy, very bad hair day, back to back meetings all day at work, fail to get stupid perf. objectves done in time - completely knackered. A colleague lends me her "teddy bear" to cheer me up!

Sat: Start turning the corner. Another friend sends me a stripy luggage label - have friends round for dinner - mr.ncot does everything :-)

Sun: Mr.ncot is out all day and leaves me a note in my breakfast bowl
"Your work permit for today has been officially revoked - find something else to do!" Stay in bed, read, write, have a long bath, then play on the laptop. Wrist still hurts, but at least I now feel rested and ready for a short week at work :-)


On having a broken wrist - lessons learnt

Things I cannot do one-handed
- iron (what a shame!)
- unscrew things
- open wine
- cut or chop food

Things I am learning to do one-handed
- Type (slowly and frustratingly)
- shower
- blowdry my hair
- change the bed linen
- dress myself

Other things I have learnt
- My lovely hubbie is a star (I knew that already...)
- I have to slow down and conserve my energy
- I'm a bit stubborn and proud, I don't like asking for, or accepting, help
- If I try to type with my left hand, the wrist WILL hurt :-(