March 13th, 2007


Spring is here

Yesterday evening I walked home in the light (I left work at 18.30, early for a change!) and I saw primoses growing and smelt the wild garlic! It seems that winter is over :-) Today the sun is shining and I will go for a run at lunchtime. And leave early. Hurrah!

Last week I was without computer. I couldn't log on at work in America and I didn't have access to personal emails or livejournal. And I have to say, the break did me good...

Springtime running | 42.19 (6.43 K)

It was a beautiful day today, really warm and sunny and all the runners seemed to be out and about. I can tell that I'm out of practice. My legs were heavy and it was a bit of an effort. But I ran slowly and tried to find a good pace, plus I ran all the way up the final hill :-)

Distance = 6.43 km
Time = 42.19 min
Average = 6.43
Calories = 430