March 3rd, 2007


Lent 11

1. Cut out Alcohol: Will not have any tonight oops. had pizza and red wine
2. Exercise each day: Burning calories running around packing :-)
3. "Only Connect": Mail sent to Matt and Jackie, expat friends in Zurich who moved back to the USA last year. Oh, and I had a lovely long chat with my Mum and received an email reply from Liz, will catch up with her in a few weeks time...

I am pooped

- By 10 0'clock today I had driven to the local dump, been to the dry cleaners, the post office and the stationery store
- I have been shopping, packed presents, done my ironing, washed my coats, washed the towels
- And I have now just finished packing.
- Oh and I finally took my new laptop, printer and pocket pc out of their cardboard prisons. I have a lot of new shiny, silver, Dell gadgetry, which will be set up once I get back.
- Photos and introductions of Dilbert the Dell (laptop) and Dogbert the Dell (handheld) to follow.
* Any suggestions for the Dell Printer? Has to be male, preferably also a D....?

I. AM. POOPED. And I have to catch a 07.15 train in the morning :-(

Back in a week - ta ra !