February 26th, 2007


Nokias - Old and New

I finally got my new nokia phone and am still playing around with the settings :-) I am such a gadget geek. My old phone is being retired after 5 long years of service - downgraded to holding my british sim card in readiness for my UK trips.


Lent 6

1. Cut out Alcohol: Succeeded
2. Exercise each day: Just about to walk home I lied, just got the tram home :-(
3. "Only Connect": Used all my connections yesterday!

I hate BA

I am an extremely unhappy bunny. I have JUST got home after a very long 14 hour day at work to discover via email that BA have cancelled my flights to Bristol for our family weekend in March (booked months ago). Can they do that? I am fuming :-(
Now what to do?