February 24th, 2007


Operation Spring Clean - Part 2

I had the day off yesterday. The original plan was to go snowboarding, but then I realised I had to wait in for my dell deliveries. Which arrived at 15.30. Hmmph.

So instead, I continued to clean and sort until about 10pm last night....But the flat is now spotless and I don't intend to do another clean anytime soon. You think I'm joking ? :-)
Today I did a few trips to various charity shops and I will book a rental car for next weekend and do a trip to the dump with everything else.

The list
Filed paperwork on desk
Cleaded and sorted inbox
Wrote up bookcrossing reviews
Cleaned the kitchen - including defurring kettle, cleaning oven
Cleaned the bathroom
Cleaned the hallway
Clear bookshelves in study
Cleared cellar
Collected duvet and pillows
Made up bed
Bought new laundry basket
Bought 3 birthday presents and sent 3 birthday cards
Did the recycling
Ordered Coop shop

Still to do
wash and tumble dry guest duvets
get guests pillows dry cleaned
buy flannel under pillow cases
Go to the dump
Clean the study
Sort out filing cabinet

Lent 3 (for yesterday)

1. Cut out Alcohol: Succeeded
2. Exercise each day: Spent the day cleaning, that has to count, surely?
3. "Only Connect": Long phone call with my dear mama, sent 3 lots of birthday presents with cards to my Dad, Mags and Amit. March is a busy month :-)

Lent 4

1. Cut out Alcohol: Weekly social joker being played tonight :-)
2. Exercise each day: walked a fair bit today.... into town and back with heavy bags
3. "Only Connect": Going round to some new Zurich friends for supper