February 18th, 2007


Home Alone

Mr.ncot has just left for a week to go go on a jui jitsu training camp somewhere in the alps. This means I have the flat to myself until next Saturday.

On my list of things to do:
- Clean the flat
- Get duvet and pillows dry cleaned
- wash our mattress

But what else should I do, now that I'm home alone? Answers in the comments please :-)

Operation Spring Clean

Oh dear, I got a bit carried away cleaning! The bedroom and living room are now spotless, shame about the study (which is where I dumped everything!)

I am now pooped, so will be having a pampering bath (thanks Tiggsybabee), then ordering in pizza (thanks elhamisabel) and tomorrow night I am meeting KatColorado for a drink (or two!)

Before, During and After...

duvet and pillows at dry cleaners
Washed and dried towels, bedding, 4 lots of clothing
scrubbed mattress cover
Cleared bedroom completely
dusted and cleaned everywhere
reduced to be read book pile to 60 books!
took bed apart and retightened screws
cleared living room
reducted books on "Bookshelf" by 2/3
cleaned floor
replaced light bulb

To Do
file paperwork on desk
catch up on lj reviews
clean kitchen
clean bathroom
clean hallway
clean study
clear bookshelves in study
take books to buecherbrocky
clear cellar
Take donation to Caritas
Sat - collect duvet and pillows
decide on whether i need to do a dump tip