February 17th, 2007


Change with a capital C

Prompted by bookczuk's recent entry , I discovered again this quote about change, originally seen on my friend Jill's blog

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind is part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter into another." Anatole France

I have to admit, that even though I wish I was good at dealing with Change and anticipating Change and meeting Change head on..... I'm not. I intellectually know that Change is necessary. (Change of course needs a capital C!) Change Management Skills have become part of the expected skill set for professionals. But when change happens, it scares me to death. This is partly because I am an Angsthase (Germam for scaredy-cat, literally worry rabbit!) and partly because I find it hard to leave part of myself behind.

A good case in point is our move to Switzerland. Mr.ncot was the pusher. Without him and his energy and his confidence we would still be living in London. I knew it was the right decision for us, but I was paralysed by fear. I remember sitting on our sofa in London and just being terrified about the whole move and the whole project. Of course, when it comes down to it, we tackled the move step by step. And of course in sorting out all the details and building our new life here in Zurich, I felt more in control and the change was then manageable. And without me, our flat here in Zurich would still be in boxes 3 years later with unpaid bills all around! So we're a good team :-) He has the confidence and drives us initially, I worry but then lead the actual implementation of the change.

I met a new Zurich friend last week. (*Waves in case she's reading*) We spent the evening talking and setting the world to rights. She has such a positive and exciting view of change. She's job hunting at the moment and also engineering a career transition. So that she's free and able to move anywhere in the world, she has sold most of her possession on Ebay.End result? A healthier bank account, but also a feeling that a weight has been lifted. She feels free and light and able to meet change head on. I thought that was such a wonderful attitude to have!

I have to learn how to embrace change, minimise my fears and worries. I have to remember that change bring new adventures, possibilities and skills.

First Snowboard of the season

We took the day off work yesterday and we went to Flumserberg for a couple of hours. There is so little snow this year. Once you get to the ski resort there's enough cover, but on the way up the mountain, everything is green until the very last climb of the cable car!

My learning objectives yesterday (can you tell I'm a learning specialist!!) were the following:
1. Get my confidence back
2. Decide whether to keep snowboarding

And I achieved both! We had a 2 hour lesson and did the main blue slope three times. It was amazing how quickly I improved. The teacher wasn't brilliant, but gave me a few tips on my stance and weight which really made a big difference. I need to keep my knees turned out and engage my inner thigh muscles in order to put power onto my edges! Each run we got better and quicker. I can now get down the blue slope reasonably quickly and in reasonable style (in any case, quicker that mr.ncot!) Most runs I got down without falling, although on the last run I was getting tired and fell twice. It's not nice falling at speed on a board, because you just cartwheel. Your feet are fixed on the board and the bindings don't release like skis. So your feet and pelvis flip, and then your top half follows. Let's just say that my neck is a bit painful today :-)

I even got better at getting off the chair lift. I have learnt to balance and snowboard off, even though my back foot is free. It was such a good feeling. I'm gettng better at the speed and feeling more confident in just riding it out. I aim to go each week for the next few weeks. I was knackered last night though. We got back late afternoon and I just slept and slept. I felt like I'd been run over by something - and we had only been snowboarding for 2 hours. I ache today :-( I guess it's just a case of letting my body get used to a new activity!