February 3rd, 2007


Weekend Feeling

Just like lindyb28 I have that wonderful weekend feeling!

This week has been manic at work, in most days at 7am and leaving really late. On Thursday night I made the mistake of telling mr.ncot that I would go into work on Saturday again. He gave me a well deserved mini lecture on how I'd made this mistake in all my previous jobs and that I should watch my tendency to overwork. Banks are tough places and I'll get trodden on. I sort of listened. And then later he said given all the hours I'd done extra I should leave work early on Friday.

My automatic response was to disagree.

But then I started thinking. I had a meeting till 15.30 but nothing after that and there was no reason why I shouldn't leave at 4. I told all my colleagues yesterday that I was going to leave at 4 and they didn't believe me. The strange thing was that as soon as I knew I just had to last out until 4, I was absolutely wiped out all afternoon!

But I made it. I was on the tram stop at 16.15. I was very proud of myself.

I mooched around town, went to the bank to pay some bills, bought some books (Snow: Orhan Pamuk, Traumnovelle: Arthur Schnitzler, Die Rose: Robert Walser), upgraded to this Nokia 6131 phone, then sat and had a coffee, watching the world go by. AND THEN I EVEN GOT TO YOGA (of which more later!) By the time I go home I was exhausted but in a healthy way. And for the rest of the day I am going to stay in my jim jams, mooch around, go back to bed, read and write in my journal. And then later on go into town and post some more lj entries.

As I say, I love that weekend feeling! Happy Saturday one and all :-)

Returning to yoga

I went to yoga last night for the first time since before Christmas. I've been finding it increasingly hard to get away on a Friday night, but yesterday I made it to class!

Surprisingly I didn't struggle as much as I feared I would. My downward facing dogs were fine (heels on the floor by the end of the evening) and I did a headstand unaided. The shoulderstand was strenous and today ALL of my stomach muscles are suffering! As usual I didn't do very well with the balancing poses - my tree was more like a bendy sapling :-)

It was good to be back and I really enjoyed the guided meditation at the end. I had a very clear visual image of my deepest desire and hope. And afterwards I felt very peaceful.

If I were famous...

Just a simple prompt this week. Take it in any direction you like.
If I could be famous, I would like to be…

"If I were famous" as an aspiration, translates for me into "If i were reasonably well-known!" I've never wished for fame and glory in the glossy magazine sense. I'd be too worried about how I looked or whether people liked me, what they thought of me. I like my privacy and I like retreating into my own comfortable, safe world. But I would like to be famous for my words or my work and I have two scenarios:

Scenario A: Marian Keyes Model
I'd be a best-selling, well-respected serious author - giving talks, travelling to book-signings, going to the occasional launch or arts party, meeting more famous people now and again. People wouldn't recognise me in public unless they were true fans. I'd make a good living through writing, with enough time to do other interesting projects and enough money in the bank to have no major financial issues.

Scenario B: Academically famous
My name and works are quoted and discussed by students and colleagues in my discipline. My work would also be readily accessible to the mainstream - I'd write accessible "academic" books for my intelligent public and I'd get a steady flow of emails acknowledging my words. People would rarely recognise me in person, but they'd know my ideas. I'd a few radio interviews on Radio 4 and earn my living through sharing and developing my ideas and words.

These are my models for being famous!