January 29th, 2007


I am a blog mentor :-)

I just read a lovely post on my friend Jill's blog, JalleCafe. She has named me as her "blogmentor" and says "Nice Cup of Tea demonstrates one woman's way of finding her Voice, which I much-admire." :-)

I don't think I'm grown up enough to be any sort of mentor, but nonetheless, it's good to discuss blogs with her. She helps people to find their leadership voice. And I think blogs are a very powerful way for us to communicate with the online community and also to help us define our way in life.

Mut zur Lücke

Mut zur Lücke is a German expression which literally translates as "Courage of holes/gaps". I can't think of an appropriate english expression, but the phrase is really an attempt to say "Things don't have to be perfect. Have the courage to do just enough and accept the gaps".

I have a feeling that this should be my principle. I have outed myself before as a perfectionist and have spent most of my studying and working life trying to get everything perfect, a matter of Mut. I have to be brave and accept that the critical voice is internal. If someone is unhappy that a particular task is not 100% then I need the courage to deal with that situation as it arrives.

Workers of the world unite: Have the courage to be less than perfect!

Running in the sun and snow | 39.32 (5.61K)

Oops! Haven't been running regularly since November. This week I have slightly less work to do and so today decided that I would take a slightly longer lunch break. It is beautiful out - sunny, cold and snowy underfoot. I ran pretty slowly (also due to the ice) and did the short route in 39.32, last time I did it in 35.38. But if felt good today - I kept going and kept moving and now I'm back I feel good!

Sunday lunch

Yesterday I did roast lunch for us and our friends Al and Eddie. Just like last year! I did Red lentil and tomato soup (thanks beebarf) then chicken pesto feta parma parcels with roast potatoes and roast vegetables. Then my Mum's Christmas pudding for afters. Al claimed to not like Christmas pudding, but was then totally won over :-)

We then drove out to Unteriberg where Al and Eddie are in the process of buying this house. Gorgeous, huh! The snow just made everything look wonderful. It's a 50 minute drive. When they move we will be regular guests! They are 15 minute drive from the local ski resort :-)