January 28th, 2007


Stranger than fiction

We saw "Stranger than fiction", which was a slowish-moving, but none-the-less funky, intelligent movie about life, destiny, the art of writing, writer's block and what life means :-)

The plot centres around Harold Crick who hears a female voice in his head, narrating his every move. "Little did he know...." And thereby learns of his imminent death. Switch roles and we have Kay Eiffel, a rather wrecked looking, desperate (but wonderful) Emma Thompson, who is trying to work out the plot which will kill her hero Harold. Does her narrating control him, or the other way round? Throw in taxes, guitar playing, a love interest, the meaning of life (as expressed through the value of a home-baked cookie) and Dustin Hoffman as the literary professor / detective / pool guard and you have the cracker of a kooky film.

We will all die. But what if you knew it was just round the corner? I think the central message was "look after and appreciate the little things in life that make you happy" but mr.ncot just scoffed at me :-) I don't think he got the film. Admittedly it is a bit quirky and it's not going to be a huge hit, but I for one really enjoyed it.... Oh, and there were very groovy little graphics (a la HHGG) in each scene.

Stranger than Fiction Website