January 2nd, 2007


Resolutions for 2007

Actively learn to manage my stress levels
- Through writing daily in journal (5 Blessings)
- Through accepting that it is NOT important for everyone to like me
- Through understanding that I do NOT need everyone's approval
- Through having the confidence to be proactive, not reactive

Manage my life style
- Alcohol as the occasional treat
- Get to bed by 10.30
- Be consistent with getting up - 6.15 or 6.45 and don't hit snooze :-)

Actively increase fitness & Health
- Run 2-3 times a week
- Yoga 1-2 times a week
- Count calories again and reach 64 kg
- Drink 4 glasses of water a day at work

Take good care of myself
- Look after teeth and book dentist appointment in London
- Get moles checked
- Investigate magesiuem tablets and acupuncture for endimetriosis
- Wean myself off mefenamic acid

Reward myself
- to regular haircuts
- to regular beauty treatments
- to beauty pampering at home
- by actively doing my favourite things which make me happy

Cultivate Relationships
- Email key friends monthly (Caro, Pat, Jane, Mags, Sal)
- Email friends quarterly (Jenn, Becs, Alis, Sams...)
- Cook new meal for me and mr.ncot weekly - Tuesday


Books read in 2006

157 books read

Best Book (Fiction) & Bookclub discussion: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: Haruki Murakami
Best Book (Non-Fiction): Ice Bound: Dr Jerri Nielsen
Best Chicklit: Anybody out there?: Marian Keyes
Book which made me change: ReArchitecting: Jill Allemang
Worst Read: Jack shall have Jill: Juliette Mead
Author Discovery: Zadie Smith - for White Teeth
Best "Old Favourite": Ann of Green Gables: L.M.Montgomery


5 Best Ways to leave it all behind

I have written before about my globe-trotting and inspirational relations, who have been travelling since Jan 2004!

Since it's New Year and the time for making radical plans for the future, I thought their article in the Ottawa citizen on 5 best ways to leave it all behind would be topical and interesting!

Their "ThymeOff" Travelpod is here

photo is copyright Gerry and Sharon Channer