December 24th, 2006


Images of Advent

Advent 2006, originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea.

I love Advent. Pointsettias and advent wreaths, edible favourites on December 6th, satsumas, the lights in the Bahnhofstrasse (yes, I like them), decorated windows and christmas tree at Credit Suisse on Paradeplatz, the old town and the christmas tree outside work!


Samiclaus Schwimmen

Advent for me in Zurich begins with the Samiclaus Schwimmen - On the first sunday in Advent, we swim 111 metres across the Limmat river! I've swum in 2004, 2005 and now 2006!

This year I swam with my friend Nat. She did so well, I was very proud :-) What can I say? We jumped, we swam, it was cold!


Running the Silvesterlauf | 51.44 min (8.6 km)

This was a new advent tradition for me! The Silvesterlauf (New Year's Run) happens mid-way through Advent, this year on Dec 10th. I wasn't sure about running, since I hadn't run the previous week. I had been training quite hard. It was a relief to know that katcolorado felt the same way :-)

The race started just after 6 o'clock and it was really fun. It was dark, cold, with loads of runners and the atmosphere was terrific. The lights and illuminations were beautiful and it was a really well-planned run, 4 laps of the old town. We ran a really good pace and were delighted with our times!

official photos

Distance: 8.6km (9.01km on my nike gadget)
Time: 51'44'' Official Time (51'52'' on my nike gadget)
Pace: 5:45min / km


2006 | The Year in Pictures

January: The year started with plenty of time of tea-breaks with friends - here I am with Antonia in Starbucks!

February: Skating on the frozen Greifensee, Uster

March: Heaviest snow fall in Zurich since 1931

Easter: Dyed eggs for Easter

April: Sechseleuten Festival (parade of the guilds) in Zurich

May : A month of celebrations! Masters, Birthday and getting a job

June: Amsterdam trip with friends

July: Masters Graduation at Leicester University

August: Camping Weekend with the Connors in rainy Annecy, France

September: Jenn and Chris came to visit and we went to Braunwald for the weekend. Other visitors this year? Liz in February, Sal in November, Nat in December.

October: Weekend trip to Dublin, Connor Family Sunday lunch

November: November Disappeared in a month of work projects - Instead here's a photo of the the Uetlihof where I work (along with 5,499 other cs employees)!

December (1): Advent starts with the Samiclaus swim - 111m across the cold, cold river....
December (2): ... and then continues with the Silvesterlauf - 8.6 km race. katcolorado and I also ran the Greifenseelauf 10K in September.

Christmas: Christmas tree and decorated Credit Suisse building at Paradeplatz

Bright Shiny Star of 2006: My sister Kate for pursuing her dream to become a professional double bass player. The highlight was her concert with the Halle Orchestra in February


Chilled Christmas Eve

I love my family :-) So far, myself and mr.ncot, Kate, Chris and Jenn are all together in Derby and I have spent the day using my brother's computer to upload photos, sort out flickr, write up journal entries and do a review of the year, plus sorting out! My family have just let me get on with it and have brought me regular cups of tea :-) I feel chilled and relaxed.

Happy Christmas all, lots of love and good wishes from Derby....