November 30th, 2006


Networker Profile of Deborah Rimle

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Deborah Rimle: The Interview Coach with a difference

Deborah Rimle is, by her own admission, a "matchmaker" who rises to the challenge of understanding relationships and bringing the right people together. Through her coaching business ( in development) she helps her clients to match their skills with the right company. Deborah’s energy and enthusiasm for living in the moment are evident to me from the moment we meet at the Sprüengli clock at Paradeplatz. During the evening we touch on many themes, including cultural differences in Switzerland, body language, being an ex-pat and where to find the best fondue! It is clear that she is passionate about helping her clients to achieve their goals through her impact as a career coach.

Deborah’s coaching enables her clients to build an inventory of their skills and achievements and this often has a positive impact in other areas of their life. A key factor in being successful is having tailored curriculum vitae: this helps to sell a client’s "career story" and to highlight their strengths. Indeed, her own curriculum vitae is a fascinating example of how past experiences and education have combined to support her coaching business.

Deborah studied psychology and history at the University of California in Los Angeles, where she met her Swiss husband. After graduating she moved to Switzerland where she continued her studies at the University of Zurich, also conducted research at the University of St. Gallen (Forschungsinstitut für Arbeit und Arbeitsrecht). She learnt her interviewing skills whilst working as an Account Manager at Harvey Nash, specializing in IT recruitment. Her experience showed that time spent coaching and supporting the applicant before and after the interview was invaluable in securing a successful placement. Her current job at BearingPoint Switzerland AG has allowed her to concentrate on internal recruitment and human resource management. Her NLP coaching qualification (certified at Kurszentrum Aarau in 2003) allowed her to transform her interviewing skills, her experience as an ex-pat and her passion for networking into a successful business. Her client list has increased to the extent that she is now able to scale down her “day job” to make room for more business.

Deborah’s clients have taught her how to become a better coach. Giving positive, constructive feedback enables clients to mobilize their resources, but Deborah learnt that clients also appreciate a straightforward approach, which challenges them and helps them to improve. Feedback should be structured to clearly indicate the next steps and goals on the coaching journey. Self-reflection is also an essential part of this learning process.

The lessons that Deborah has learnt are applicable to all of us who are engaging with working and living in a new country.
- Understand your goals (are they SMART and ecological?)
- ‘Know thyself’ (what is your motivation for change?)
- Prepare an inventory of your strengths and achievements, and think about what you’ve learned (what would you do differently and how has this helped you in the workplace?)
- Build a network of people and resources who can support you
- Be patient - growth and change take time!

And in case you’re wondering, Deborah’s tip for the best fondue in Zürich is Chässtube Rehalp (Forchstrasse 359, 8008 Zürich, tel: 044 381 0180)