November 25th, 2006


Bob has been calibrated :-)

Bob the iPod is now calibrated! I went running on my local 400m sports track and after faffing around for a few laps managed to get him accurate to 1m over 400m, which isn't bad :-)

I'll be interested now to see how long my run at work "really" is - my colleague measured it as 6.8km, and bob last week said it was 7.1 km and then the next day 7.2 km!

Scrappy Saturday

I wanted to have a relaxing, slobby Saturday. It started well enough, when mr.ncot brought me breakfast in bed :-) and I rang my mum and gossiped for 45 minutes. But then after that the housecleaning bug got me!

Saturday's achievements :-)
- rubbish and recycling
- cleared and cleaned living room
- cleaned kitchen
- changed bedlinen and towels
- coop shop delivered
- cleaned, emptied and restocked fridge
- 6 loads of washing and drying
- sorted underwear drawer
- went running and calibrated bob

What a very exciting life I lead :-) I'm now just about to cook a nice evening meal and then FINALLY slob in front of the telly....
edited to add: mr.ncot cooked whilst I drooled over the gorgeous Pierce Brosnan in "die another day" *he he*