November 12th, 2006


Running - what a difference a year makes! | 61.21

Just under a year ago (Dec 2005), I found a new route on the Uetliberg (walk up from Triemli to the bridge, then along, down and along back to Triemli again. I was running 3 minutes and then walking a minute and it was taking me about 54 minutes. Today I ran the whole route without stopping in 45.16 minutes and then carried on until I got home (61.21)!

The weather was disgusting, cold, wet, raining and windy but I actually really enjoyed it. I found a good rhythm and just plodded my way along. I bought a sport holder for bob at the weekend, so that made it more comfortable as well. It's really good to see how much I've improved in a year - I wouldn't have believed that I could run for an hour without drama :-)

To bridge: 14.11
To Trieml Train: 43.16
To Triemli Tram: 45.16
Home: 61.21


I love my yoga! I missed Friday night yoga because I was finishing something at work, so went to candlelight yoga tonight. There were just 3 of us and Jeff was lovely, as usual. I feel really stretched and relaxed and ready for the week ahead :-) It's really helping me to understand my body and to learn how to relax and let go, which as a perpetual stress bunny, I really need! Plus I always really appreciate my walk home, all tall and calm, through the evening streets of Zurich and then along the canal...