October 12th, 2006


Bob the iPod is Poorly :-(

Bob is poorly, his brain his empty and I can't synchronise him :-( Yesterday all the album art was mixed up so I stupidly cleared all the tracks and tried to resynchronise, up til now without success. But at least I still have my running playlist, so I can go running with music this lunchtime!

On second thoughts, I fear it's actually my laptop which is sick. I think running iTunes is just a bit too challenging for my old Dell laptop. I prophesy an expensive purchase on the near distant horizon....

Running short but fast (ish)! | 35.38 (5.61K)

I was feeling pretty knackered today after yesterday's run, but decided to get out and do something anyway. My compromise was that I'd do the very short route. The last time I did this with my female colleague it took us 45 minutes. I tried to pick up the pace a little bit. A good run, but really hot in the autumn sunshine. And this week I've already achieved my 3 runs - hurrah! Tomorrow is rest day, then I'll do some exercise at home on Saturday and yoga on Sunday.