September 22nd, 2006


It's a beautiful day ...

*humming along to U2's Beautiful day*

Reasons to be cheerful:
1. It's a beautiful, blue, sunny day and my walk into work was gorgeous
2. There was a carpet of mist over the common as I walked up the hill to work
3. My boss is out of the office today
4. I have enough work to keep me out of mischief today, but nothing that's URGENT
5. I'm meeting a friend for lunch
6. I am going to my yoga class this evening (for the first time in 6 3 months!)
7. IT'S FRIDAY !!!!!

The saga of the lost purse

After a good start to Friday, the day got worse. I got some cash out (quite a lot, for our COOP food delivery this evening), bought my tram ticket and went to lunch with a friend. I came to pay and couldn't find my purse :-( I spent most of the afternoon looking for it / checking lost property here and then ringing the tram lost property.... So then I cancelled everything (and UBS charged me 40 chf for the priviledge!) and then I just happened to turn on my mobile phone. Someone had found my purse - Hurrah! Of course it would have been better if I had got the message before I cancelled everything, but hey :-) I am so pleased that there are such good people in the world.

All Yoga-ed Out!

I am completely pooped! I finally managed to get to my yoga class tonight, after failing miserably for weeks. I'm glad I made the effort but I am now absolutey knackered. My downward dogs were wobbly, my handstand pathetic, my warrior pose was the last warrior like thing you've ever seen and my shoulderstands were sadly lacking. And in the middle I suddenly got a stonking headache which hasn't yet gone away....But hey, I enjoyed the relaxation at the end :-) I'll try and go regularly from now on and start improving again.