September 18th, 2006


The good, the bad and the iPod

The good news is.... for the same price as I thought I'd paid a few weeks back for a 4GB white iPod, I've now got a black 8GB iPod. Not completely convinced about the black, but that was the only "choice"! The other good news is that the cost will now go on next month's credit card bill!

The bad news is it won't arrive for another week - Sept 25th at the earliest.
PLUS Apple have cancelled all 3 of my accessories :-( So a good excuse to go to the Apple Store here in Zürich!



The Monday Evening (slightly grumpy) Round Up

I have a cold, I had a frustrating meeting this afternoon at work, and I am at a loose end this evening and "I can't get out of my own way" as my late Grandma would say! Plus I am battling to do about 3 loads of washing before I can go to bed tonight and I should iron at least one shirt for tomorrow!

Anyway, here are the links to my most recent (but backdated) LJ updates....

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