September 2nd, 2006


Running with my pace setter | 58.37 (8.51 K)

A nice slow run with katcolorado tonight after a fairly irritating Friday at work! We talked, we ran, the sun shone and as usual I am copying our stats from Kat's entry :-)
Distance: 8:51k | Time: 58:37'' | Pace: 6:53min/k

It was a nice run and it was even better getting home and having a bath! I am really impressed with my improvements in running this year - it feels good to be able to run easily for an hour - I'm just waiting for my body to realise it's time to let go of a few kilos :-)

In other news, I'm going to order a second pair of trainers tomorrow from "Run and Become". They only charge £5 p&p to send a trainers to Switzerland, which I find very reasonable. And secondly, WHERE IS MY IPOD?? I need it for running :-)

Where is my ipod?!

I just checked the Apple Store and I'm not due to get my ipod nano, arm band, headphones and cover until Sept 21st. How is that possible?! I want my gadget sooner :-(

The armband seems to be holding it all up. Why can't they do an Amazon and send the order in 2 deliveries. why, WHY ?!

Shopping for running....

I blame katcolorado! In one of her posts recently (I can't find it now!) she talked about needing to buy some long sleeved running tshirts. I had been thinking the same thing and today in town I walked past Ochsner Sport and popped in to get a birthday present for my brother - a sigg water bottle -->
which was unfortunately on the same floor as the running gear. Oops.... I bought 2 lightweight Nike long sleeved tshirts, a medium weight red long sleeved tshirt and a heavier turqoise mid layer.... and I ordered a second pair of trainers from Run and Become - that should do for autumn and winter running :-)
My justification? Even buying all the kit is cheaper than a regular gym subscription, plus I'm earning and I'm having to wait for my ipod!

IPOD countdown: 19 days