August 31st, 2006


Never hug a swiss cow....

This article raises a few questions....
1. Why would anyone think that cudding a cow was a good idea?
2. Are these people safe to be let free in the swiss mountains??
3. What constitutes a "precise blow to the muzzle of a cow" ???!
The mind boggles :-)

"Don't even think about it"...... "An Ear fondle, moving on to a hug?"

Mooove slowly and don't hug Swiss cows, hikers told: Laura MacInnis

Keep your distance. Avoid eye contact. And even if it looks cute, never hug a Swiss cow.

Responding to numerous "reports of unpleasant meetings between hikers and cattle" along Switzerland's picture-perfect Alpine trails this summer, the Swiss Hiking Federation has laid down a few ground rules.

"Leave the animals in peace and do not touch them. Never caress a calf," the group's guidance, posted on the website, reads.

"Do not scare the animals or look them directly in the eye. Do not wave sticks. Give a precise blow to the muzzle of the cow in the event of absolute need," it continues.

Evelyne Zaugg of the Swiss Hiking Federation said that while there were no precise statistics on incidents involving cows, walkers are reporting more run-ins than a few years ago.
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Yamato Drummers

mr.ncot and I have just been to the most amazing concert in the Kongresshalle in Zürich. We saw the japanese Yamato drummers (watch a video of them here), who were just sensational. Big drums, little drums, deep drums, enormous drums, drums whose sound reached down inside you to your toes, little cymbals and other related instruments. Their timing and performance skills were fantastic. And there was just so much energy radiating from the stage. There were 10 drummers, 4 female and 6 male, and they all had shoulder/arm muscles to die for. They reminded me a little bit of Stomp, which I saw twice in London. A great evening, especially needed after a frustrating day in work. The other positive thing about today was that it was sunny and as we passed the lake this evening, I could see the mountains clearly at the other end....