August 20th, 2006


Graduation, July 14th 2006

So here finally are my graduation photos! It was a wonderful day, full of good memories. I had lots of time to get the official photos done and I'm actually really pleased at how I look in them :-)

Graduation Photos, originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea.

More Photos Here!

Mr.ncot and I had a lovely meal in the hotel the night before graduation and had one of those conversations about our future that you just can't plan :-) Graduation day itself was warm and sunny. The department meal was nice. I didn't know any of the graduating students, but had a good chat with my supervisor. Afterwards we had a department photo taken on the steps outside the tower block.

The ceremony itself was long and we got to graduate about a third of the way through. Our department had lots of international students, particularly from Hong Kong and Singapore, and it was really excellent to see how excited they were to be graduating at Leicester! I also met my Head of Department, who was also my second marker, and as I introduced myself (I know him vaguely) he just started raving about my research and how exceptionally good it was, how he hoped I'd consider doing more study and that the external examiner had singled my thesis out for a special mention! That was the icing on the cake....

After the ceremony, my sister drove us to Derby, and we got to admire Chris and Jenn's new house. In their dining room there were balloons and a congratulations sign. I, slightly slow off the uptake, said "oh, was that from a moving-in party?". Chris just looked at me witheringly and said "No, they're for you!!" I genuinely hadn't expected that! We had bubbly and pizza to celebrate, the end of a perfect day :-)

This week I also got the bound hardback copy of my research - black leather cover and gold title - and I looks like a real book :-) It now has pride of place on my bookshelf.... (you can see it on the middle row of the photo mosaic!)

This is the last entry on my masters' journey. Thank you again to everyone here who supported me. I am so glad this part of my life is over and yet I'm looking forward to writing a research paper with my supervisor and getting it published. And I am seriously going to consider the taught part time doctorate in social sciences. Watch this space :-)


Lessons from the world of work

I've been thinking a lot recently about work and what I've learnt in the nearly 3 months I've been at cs. I've had to really learn to SLOW DOWN! The pace of work in the team is slower, but much more precise and perfect than what I've experienced in London. In the last past couple of weeks I've found myself making a few careless mistakes or typos ("Fluchtigkseitsfehler", literally speed errors in German) that make me want to cringe (ie correct date, but wrong day) - and I'm sure that didn't happen in other jobs. Or maybe it did and I'm only noticing it now because of doing things in a different workplace and culture. I really like the fact that everyone in the team checks each other's work, especially emails that are going out to a large number of people.

I have to learn to slow down in two important ways:

Firstly, I need to accept that it is going to take me some time to really learn the business and to learn the banking knowledge. This is not going to happen overnight, and I have to be patient. Similarly, my language skills will also continue to improve over time.

Secondly, I need to understand that working at a frenetic pace just isn't the swiss way. I have to be really careful about checking my work before hitting send! This slowing down will also help me regulate my tendency to get stressed.