August 19th, 2006


Today I will mostly be staying in bed...

I have decided - I am having a duvet day (even though it's beautifully sunny outside)!

Still feeling yucky, so the plan for today is as follows:
- Lots of tea and hot water bottles
- Reading (I've still got a few glossy magazines I bought when I was in London)
- listening to some audio files on my pocket pc
- Writing in my moleskin
- And deciding which journaleer homeworks I want to catch up with!

I've done a little bit of food shopping today, plus I went into Tchibo (I love the bargins in that shop!) and bought some 3/4 length trousers / shorts, an address stamp and a laminator.

Plus, my treat for this week? Getting my hair cut....(I'm trying to grow it out into a funky short bob shape, it's nearly there, just about 1.5cm to go, according to Irene, my lovely hairdresser from Pin Coiffure, just round the corner!)