August 8th, 2006


Running but frustrated | 46.17 (6.7km)

An extremely hot and frustrating run today. I managed to forget both my sports bra and my socks, so it wasn't a particularly comfortable run either :-) I had to walk for a few minutes near the end, but finished off strongly. And I've just checked, I ran this route about a week and a half ago and was about a minute slower, hurrah, I'm improving...

Week 32: The Superpowers One

Week 32: The Super Powers One
Super journaleers
If you had superpowers, what would they be and how would you use them?

If I could be a superhero, then I would have to be "Worrier Woman". I would swoop down on unsuspecting worriers and blast their worries away. My magic touch would be almost imperceptible. Except that the worrier would suddently feel a whole lot lighter and easier with themselves. Initially they would have the nagging suspiscion that there was something that they had just been thinking about, but within a few minutes, it was as if that worrier had never existed - and indeed, they would have no idea that they had ever had such a worry. A side benefit would be the removal of frown lines on foreheads. My secondary super power would be to induce laughing and good humour at will. And by this I mean the sort of "head back, loud, belly aching, rib hurting, tear inducing" laugh that makes you feel glad to be alive.

My costume would consist of fashionable but practical combat trousers, trainers, fitted T-shirt and of course a tiara. I myself would have no worries, by hair would always behave, my eyebrows would never need re-shaping, I would have the perfect symmetrical smile and I would be an accomplished snowboarder, surfboarder and all round tri-athlete. My partner in crime fighting? "Six Pack Boy"... a bit of twenty something eye candy to make me and my customers happy :-) At the click of a finger he can create the perfect six pack for the discerning male or female punter. No hours in the gym, no sit-ups, just well toned core muscles. Available to anyone who plaintively cries "for the love of mercy I'd like a perfect six pack without the sweat and tears"