August 7th, 2006


Running after work (at work!) | 38.33 (5k ish route)

Today was the first time I've run after work, but at work, if that makes sense. I did my normal 4-5k ish route, but a bit quicker than last week (which was 40.52). It was running, but cool and fresh. The crickets were cricketing and I saw lots of other runners. And I felt extremely grateful for working in such a cool location, where I have such easy access to running trails on the mountain, in the woods and down by the river :-)

Amar Quartett Concert

I have just been to the Amar Quartett concert in the crypt of the Grossmünster, and it was fantastic. I love quartets and the crypt was just the right size for this type of chamber music. I've heard the quartet once before and this time we got tickets right at the front, which gave me a great view of their playing and the technique. They make such a great sound - really full bodied and the middle strings (second violin & viola) are particularly good, but then as a violist I'm biased :-)

They played two Mozart quartets, with a contemporary piece in the middle, followed by two funky encores. Interestingly, the two violins swapped the leadership of the quartet halfway through, which is quite unusual. The leader (female) was quite composed and controlled and led quite a tight ensemble. When they swapped, the male leader was much more into the sniffing /head swinging / eyebrow raising type of style, which I liked, just from an emotional point of view !! And importantly, the male viola played seems to be their spokesperson :-)

A great evening of music in a wonderfully, atmospheric location.

- Mozart String Quartet C-Dur KV 157
- C.Charrière "Quartuor Ophelia"
- Mozart String Quartet D-Dur KV 499 "Hoffmeister"

We are sailing...

We are sailing..., originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea.

I forgot... we went sailing as a team on Friday evening. The weather was awful and I wasn't in the mood, but I ended up really enjoying myself. I sailed a lot as a kid and a teenager, and it all came flooding back :-) I took the rudder and it was great fun. Afterwards we all went out to eat....