July 23rd, 2006


To do w/c July 23rd

- Pack for London
- Notes and preparation for Marshall Street Meeting
- LJ - write about graduation
- Book car for August
- Book 2 days holiday in August
- Book wine course
- Flowers
- Journaleer homeworks
- Update website
- Add DVDs and books to Title Trader

- Order replacement large knife
- Mobility payment and paperwork, copy of halbtax card
- Finish the ironing
- Book Greifensee run
- Bookcrossing - get up to date with journals
- Upload graduation weekend photos
- Bookcrossing - check and update bookrings
- Email sent re knife
- Book Crypt concert 6th Aug 19 Uhr, 40chf
- Transfer money from swiss to uk bank account

My new Freitag Bag (is called Laura!)

This weekend's treat was to buy myself a Freitag bag. They are so popular here in Zurich... I wanted a small one and this one's perfect. A funky handbag which is still big enough to cope with the important stuff (moleskin, pen, wallet, glasses, phone, compact, document wallet, chewing gum!!). Plus the strap is expandable :-)